Hire the Specialists

Improper roof repairs shorten the life of a flat roof system by allowing the problem to reoccur and additional damage to be done to the roof system resulting in a larger and more expensive repair the second time performed.


Commercial re-roofing installation can be a daunting issue and is not something that is planned for.  We will take the headache out of this process for you.

Our team of certified engineers will assess your current roofing situation and work to find the best solution for your re-roofing needs. Our experienced team of Re-roofing experts will ensure that you have long lasting quality that will not cost you more money in the long run.  You can rest easily knowing that Spartan Roofing & Construction is handling your roofing needs.






We recommend annual inspections (as a minimum) for every roof system. Far too often, the cause of a roof failure is the absence of proper maintenance and inspection.  Something that starts out small and very repairable when left unchecked, can turn into a very major roof problem. Periodic visual roof inspections and routine maintenance to deficient conditions can increase the long term service life of any roof assembly.

To perform an annual inspection, our qualified roof inspectors walk over the entire roof area looking for and photographing all observed deficiencies. These observations are then noted on an inspection form along with recommended maintenance procedures to the cited deficiencies. Upon request, Spartan Roofing & Construction will perform the required repairs to ensure you’re covered.


We are experts at wind damage repairs, leaks, dismembered roof surface and rotting areas. Roof repairs are required when the proper maintenance is not executed. By entering into roof maintenance program, we guaranty the roof to live out a complete lifespan. We make the proper repairs to address all leaks at common areas such as valleys, roof top penetrations, and wall flashings.